Photography: Slim Aarons’s Italy ‘La Dolce Vita edited by Christopher Sweet

Photographer Slim Aarons had a motto for his magazine work—capturing “attractive people who were doing attractive things in attractive places.”

Perched high above the Bay of Naples and the Faraglioni rocks is Unghia Marina—a private home in Southern Italy, photographed in 1989.

Marina Rava, right, and Carla Vuccino, left, catch some rays on the stern of a sleek runabout in 1958.

Bettina Graziana is photographed here in front of her villa on the Costa Smeralda in 1964.

Ira Furstenberg’s new Porto Rotondo villa, 1968, are, from left, Duchess Ines Torlonia, who has a successful antique jewelry business; a fashion model in striking African caftan; an English friend reclining; and the photographer Patrick Lichfield, who also happens to be the 5th Earl of Lichfield and a first cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Contessa Consuelo Crespi—an American-born model and former Diana Vreeland protégée who became the toast of international society—is seen here looking bejeweled at right with Pilar Crespi, her stunningly beautiful daughter. The pair are on the Costa Smeralda in 1968.

These ancient, terracotta-tile roofs were restored as part of a public-works undertaking of Count Roberto and Countess Maria Teresa Guicciardini Corsi Salviati (phew!), shown here relaxing on the top. The ancient village of Castello di Gargonza, where this was taken, dates from the 13th century.

The Pucci-family villa is located in Val d’Elsa, Italy, a picturesque hamlet and area of Tuscany; this photograph, from 1991, shows Laudomia and Alessandro Pucci on the lawn of the home, titled Graniaolo.

Fashion’s late lamented Gianni Versace also kept a villa in his native Italy, called Villa Fontanelle; it was situated on Lake Como, an elite destination for vacationers (and George Clooney) that is close to Milan, Versace’s hometown. (The home was sold after Versace’s death in 1997.) The designer is seen here on a boat with Lalla Spagnol.

 La Dolce Vita, the third compendium of Aarons’s work out from Abrams, editor Christopher Sweet culls the best of the photographer’s Italian oeuvre—spanning four decades of aristocratic, Mediterranean life.


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