My Better Half


A charming series by Amanda Jane Jones. I’m going to show you Nate and Katie ,but go on and view the rest of the series.

“Nate and Katie! Oh how fond I am of these two. What a joy it has been to work with each of them this past year on Kinfolk. They are such a good team…and together, I think they can do anything. Honestly. They are humanitarians, they are artists (scroll to see driftwood creations, beautiful stationery and breathtaking photography), music lovers (love their playlists!), and entrepreneurs(founders of Kinfolk Magazine). I am grateful to call them friend.

Side note: Sometimes, when I look over Cree’s shoulder, I find him looking up houses for sale in Portland….I’m pretty sure he wants to be neighbors. Yes please!

Thank you Nate and Katie for being a part of My Better Half!”


Thought i’d include the interview part as well.

1. Cries during every episode of Parenthood.
2. Hasn’t grown since the seventh grade.
3. Dreams of someday opening a teashop.

1. Sleeps with ear plugs every night.
2. Can build anything with driftwood and hot glue.
3. Dreams of being a cellist like Yo-Yo Ma.

They met while going to school in Hawaii three years ago. Nate worked at the university newspaper right next to the games center where Katie worked. He says he walked by her counter enough times to memorize her work schedule before he had the guts to say “hello”. They dated for three quick months before they were engaged, then married later in Canada. They’re now living in a sleepy coastal town in Oregon where they work on Kinfolk together.”



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