Interview with Frankie magazine:

Name: Dominique Franks.

Lives: Bangalow, NSW.

What do you do: I’m a photographer who shoots with vintage film cameras using 35mm film.

Tell us a little about you and your photography style: I’ve never really thought of my photographs having a particular style, as I photograph a mixture of landscapes, portraits and still life. But if I were to describe them I would say they have a vintage feel with muted colours that convey a sort of dreamscape. My influence comes from growing up in the mountains with my mother’s vintage dresses and her wonderful watercolour paintings.

What inspires you: This may sound silly, but my inspiration mainly comes from my camera. It turns ordinary objects and landscapes into beautifully crafted pictures, almost like paintings. Each time I develop a roll of film, I’m inspired to push the boundaries of what looks ordinary to the eye and what can look beautiful through a film camera lens.

What are you working on right now:I’m currently working on photographing and developing as much as I can! An exhibition might be on the horizon too.

Where can we see more of your wonderful work: You can see more of my photographs on my blog.”


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