GRASSDOE – Jonathan Levitt

 Jonathan Levitt is a photographer, writer and has a MA in gastronomy. He takes uncomposed shots of his life in Maine and on the road.

Sometimes he posts them on his blog, grassdoe.

On Grassdoe “I started putting pictures up on grassdoe in the early summer of 2007. I never expected anybody to find the site or to look at the pictures. At the time I was doing a lot of travel writing for work so I brought my camera with me on the road; grassdoe was a place to put those pictures. It was a chronological documentary diary. A couple of years ago people started to find the blog. They posted about it on their blogs. Around that time I started to spend more time on my own work. I was at home more, and so I started taking pictures of that: the chickens, the goats, the garden… rambling around. Then I got rid of those animals and drove around the country for a few months so I took pictures of that. A couple of years ago I settled into the house where I live now. I like being here and I like taking pictures of this place.”



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