Field Candy

You are enjoying some brisk festive air and the time comes when you are huddling , falling over to your save haven for an hour or two. If you have ever had the enjoyment of a festival you know the challenge of finding that tent in the dark… especially after a few drinks and/or more exotic attitude adjusters.

There are ways around this, of course: camping near some sort of landmark, erecting an improvised flagpole, or perhaps trying to remember how many steps you are from a certain point.

Either way your manner is a way that may be useful is purchasing yourself this giant piece of watermelon tent or one of his counterparts. That should do the trick. By Luke Bonner. These tents you’ll be able to find in the dark because by 2am there’ll be a crowd of really whacked people sitting in a circle around it, staring fixedly at your fly and humming.


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