Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Moss

lottie at sis Kate's wedding

lottie at sis Kate’s wedding

A couple of months ago when Jamie Hince and Kate moss got hitch one of fifteen bridesmaids at the wedding was 13-year-old sister to Kate Moss. The fashion world and model scouts went a bit crazy for this blonde, Lottie Moss.

“Is already showing signs that she will follow in her sister’s footsteps,” British Vogue blogs. Her mom says, “She’s too young. When she’s old enough it will be her decision.”

“Lottie looks beautiful and fresh — a very English rose look,” Premier Models founder Carole White told the Evening Standard. “Her mother is quite right to wait until she is 14 and has developed more but she has wonderful features and could definitely make a model. Generally you need the height. Kate is the exception to the rule because models need to be 5ft 9in to 5ft 11in. I think Lottie would make a lovely young model.”

Little Lottie already models vintage clothing for the family store, apparently. So seems like her decision has already been made.

Now Andrea Carter Bowman has photographed young Lottie and it seems that this rose wil have a bright future as a model. Imagine when she hits 18.


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