Hair 2011-12

Okey woman we all know the past fashion weeks have been showing the trend for woman in hair. The slick back look and that includes the slick middle part. The 70’s wave. The uptown do and serious side and middle path.

For men its a lot the same. In 2011 men’s hair styles fall into two categories: school boy and wilder(rocker-term being used by fashion experts…I cringed and nausea swept up on me while I was typing it so I’m using my own descriptive word) obviously it all just comes down to the refined and non-refined. I prefer the last wording heads-up to the rest of the post.

Men’s hair trend:

*The Fringe/Regency revival hair style
•The well-groomed, swept fringe.
•The textured and wet fringe.
•The curly fringe.
•Straight fringe.

How To Cut The Fringe
While you’ll be looking to keep shorter back and sides (grade 4-5), the way of truly making it your own is to play with the length of the fringe itself.

Of the two, the latter side swept fringe is the more preferential, with the cropped fringe looking a little too nondescript.

‘Caesar cut’
While cut to bring hair from the temples and crown towards the forehead, the overall effect depends largely on using a matte wax or pomade to create the rugged texture

*The Slick Back hair style

How To Cut The Slick Back
If you’re after the slick back look there’s one important thing to first consider: is your hair wavy or straight. From there on in it’s easy.

Guys with straight hair: stick to a longer cut on top. Guys with wavy hair: go for short hair on top, perhaps a few inches in length depending on the strength of your wave.
For both straight haired and wavy haired men: short on the sides.

And for those who have neither straight nor wavy hair? Consult your stylist. You’re going to have a real time getting the slick back hair style with curly hair, and unless you’re willing to dedicate vast amounts of time each morning to your hair you might want to seek a chemical curl relaxer.

*The Classic Part hair style

I prefer the shorter( image below favourite – how to get it – It’s just long layers on top and shorter at the sides, blow dried and brushed backwards with a round brush with texturising wax and gloss spray to finish) look for this upcoming summery season in the southern hemisphere. Less sweat on your neck but for those that prefer it longer and less refined keep it medium. Off the shoulder. Clear face – no fringe in your face covering your one eye emo-pirate.

All in all to remember please don’t let your mate cut your hair. If they are a hairdresser yes then they may. Rather go to a qualified person with the idea you have and someone that can cut to match your face shape.



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