Kevin Murphy Colour-Bug

Kool Aid hairtrend has been shown at the collections of the past S/S 2012. The likes of Prabal Gurung and Jeremy Scott. Now Kevin Murphy has made it quick and easy. Wipe on, wash out, intense colour in seconds, change your hair colour as quickly as your makeup 

Comes in 3 high-def colours: Pink, Purple and Orange.

“It is essentially make-up for hair.. all you do is rub it on and BAM you have bright pink/purple/orange tipped hair!!”  – Kevin Murphy


•First figure out where you want the. colour to go and lay a towel around. your shoulders.

•Once you have dealt with that, you need to prep the hair with any sort of setting spray or cream because you want the colour to stick to the product and not the actual hair (Kevin used his product, Hair Resort Spray as the base for my colour). Use enough that the hair feels quite damp.

•Next just apply the colour! (Warning: your hands will get a little messy)

Kevin Murphy’s TIPS FROM THE TOP:

>Rub in the colour so it dries onto the product and feels dry to the touch. That way the results will be completely natural looking.

>This is not just for long hair A little on the the tips of a spikey hair cut or on a fringe would look just as effective.


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