Things i (re)discovered while i was diconnected on phone service.

Three days ago all hell in any cellphone addict ,to be precise all Blackberry users broke loose. If you are anything like me finding yourself constant on the phone is a normality. I confess even in the company of face-to-face communication.

So after the initial confusion,irritation and wanting to throw the phone to pieces. I decided or was rather forced because vodacom decided I can not even text only receive. Lead to a lot of texts containing only “??” or my favourite “Are you alive?”

So like I was saying I decided not to switch on the computer only for brief intervals if there is a reason for it. That reason should be judge on life and death. With this I discovered or rediscovered what I have been denying myself.

1. By the second hour I realised I don’t care what is happening in other peoples life’s. I do not want to read who is the newest person that has gotten engaged. The new puppy you have. What brilliant car you bought and how crap you made your financial situation by it or your bitching about your sickness you have. I do not feel sorry for you. Some people have it worse off… The list can go on ,but reading your social network timeline can become an unnecessary obsession.

2. Rediscovered my love for organising everything. Think this was more for keeping my mind busy. Man oh man I rearranged and moved everything I own. Threw away and saved myself from a hoarder in 10 years. Seriously I have stacks and stacks of things. With all the cleaning I realised that the phone just makes me lazy and sometimes its not better for the maid to clean.

3. To talk about stalks of things. I have stacks of letters and cards from friends,family and lovers. I have to say this is quite something for someone who does not like to write a letter. That’s why texting works with me. Quick sentence or two. For a non-talker that’s perfect ,but it made me realise that I do cherish each one of those letters and having something written on paper is a lot more close to heart then a text. So from now on I’m a letter writer.

4. Paying attention when I’m walking around. Really I see and hear these things everyday ,but I do not take notice. My mind is so busy with what to do next or what message has just been delivered that I don’t even hear something like birds chirping. I embarrassed to say this ,but I can here birds by my window and I just never took notice. Its sad but with switching off my phone I took the immediate dedication to listen and observe everything around me.

5. Also made me think of things more clearly and what is good and bad for you. What/who should stay and leave.

The saying less is more does ring my buzzer with this a way because the first couple of days with out technology luxuries (I’m not talking about taking basic things away like heating ect just luxuries.) will be difficult but human beings have the ability to fit into their surroundings. A situation like these last couple of days is a good thing to remind us what else we can do that is more productive and what should be really important to us.


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