Axl Rose is Fat ya’ll!!

smokin rose

smokin rose

So the 80’s poster boy went and wrapped his face in sweet pie of mine! Shame hey!

I do feel sorry for him really going from a smoking babe to some fat dude hiding in his pimping neon yellow coat. Really a tip if you gain weight wear clothes that fit your new body frame not 2 sizes to big. You are gonna look a lottttttt biggggger.

Gawd pimpen ex babe Axl as stories go threw the grapevine your not that nice of person as well. You see your inside does start reflecting the outer sometime or another. Like we are seeing here with the previous rose that not even the plastic cutting and injecting wil help you.

Ok this is not the first time like a year ago when flabber had his bandanna on and hop skipping people were like what happened? But this a year later is getting a tad out of hand. Gingerman start exercising and leaving the drive-threw behind you.

Listen people have been talking look you are being called ‘fat Botox-faced wig wearer’ by rival rocker Scott Weiland.

Axl non-rose showed his new frame at a show in Brazil. “Good evening… good morning! Please bear with us and give us a little second here to figure out what to do about not falling on our asses. I’m going to try to focus on singing rather than running around like an idiot. I’m better at being an idiot. We want everybody to be careful.'” YOU NEED TO RUN! Hopefully on Axl Rose solo american tour. Oops Guns n Roses American tour he will learn some healthy eating and exercise habits.

welcome to the jungle

welcome to the jungle


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