The Romanian holiday postcard T-shirt collection,Thanato Turism by 109

‘Ioana Dumitrescu and Marina Moldovan are 109. Taking their name from the street number where their studio is located, the duo have just launched their third collection, Thanato Turism, comprising of 15 t-shirts with Romanian postcard prints from communist times when people couldn’t leave the country and spent summer holidays in the same seaside resorts year after year. For most Romanians wearing these t-shirts is little like wearing our childhood memories, especially as most of these holiday towns have been left to rot.

VICE: How did the idea for the tees come about?
Ioana Dumitrescu: We wanted to revisit the holidays we used to have and postcards were always a big part of that.

You say ThanatoTurism is related to death and suffering as well as holiday memories. That’s quite a contrast.
When we developed this idea we were thinking about confronting the lost ways of life. Thanato Turism, is meant to keep or build an individual’s identity by remembering places, situations, or people from the past – specifically those ways of living and places that just don’t exist anymore.

How did you come to work on Thanato Turism with Cosima Opârtan?
We started collaborating with various artists last year on a platform we called 109+1. The Thanato Turism collection is a part of this series of collaborations and Cosima, who’s an architect, selected the visuals and lead the project.

Where do the 15 postcards come from?
Cosima found them at flea markets in Bucharest. Many are sold as collections of postcards that one person or one family received throughout their lives.’


Piece was featured in the Romanian Vice Magazine


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