The Cheap Monday Spring 2012 Collection

Cheap Monday debuted their Spring 2012 collection at the past weeks Stockholm Fashion Week.

Ann-Sofie Back impressed fashion show-goers with her fourth collection as Cheap Monday’s creative director. “It’s about the time when our parents were young and rebellious, an idealistic time,” explains Back. “It’s very much a DIY attitude and a punk attitude, being young, naïve and playful.”

Neon shades were the highlights of the Cheap Monday Spring 2012 collection, toned down with beige as the common neutral throughout the collection.

By the way if you don’t know yet neon shades toned down with beige is a huge trend coming spring/summer.


2 thoughts on “The Cheap Monday Spring 2012 Collection

  1. I love the simple silhouettes. The oversized-Bermuda shorts might drown me out, but I especially love the top outfit. I’m a sucker for silk shells and the orange is beautiful.

    I’ll have to check out Cheap Monday. First I have heard of them. Thanks for sharing!

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