Roland Hjort’s collection SS 2012

For Spring Summer 2012, Roland Hjort’s went back to basic – at least if the name is anything to go by – and  showed a collection dominated by red, pink and salmon shades.

Interview with Dazed Digital: What was your starting point, the red thread going through the collection?

Roland Hjort: The theme was a bit of a Rodchenko feeling. We talked about krasnyee, which means ‘red’ in Russian. It was all about poster art from 1920s Russia.

DD: What about the parkas and army jackets?

Roland Hjort: Yeah, that’s pure Whyred…. Mod style. It’s typical Mods to mix army pieces with suits. I love mixing those two elements. It’s like the manager of The Who said…. ‘ Clean living under difficult circumstances’. Italian suits underneath second hand army coats and so on…

DD: What about the colour combinations….

Roland Hjort: Yeah, four shades of red. They’re a combination of the Russian Communist theme with our Mods roots.

DD: What about the prints?

Roland Hjort: That was meant to be all about chaos… a thousand colours all mixed into one piece…

DD: Is there a piece that summarises the collection for you?
Roland Hjort: Plenty but I like the rust red pieces and the colourful print on formal garments that mess things up a bit.


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